We started this journey in December, 2010. My son Jason met a fellow over the Internet by the name of Bruno Ceriotti. Bruno hails from Venice, Italy. He started a blog in 2005 about the Café Au Go Go, the nightclub Howard and I owned in Greenwich Village during the 1960’s. People from all over the world continue to contribute to Bruno’s blog to this day.

The thing that blew our collective mind was that Bruno is Only 33 years old and wasn’t even alive during the 60’s.  However, Bruno’s passion inspired our family to produce a documentary film to finally tell the true story of the legendary Café Au Go Go and how much of an impact the club had on so many, many people’s lives, including my own.

We would love to hear about your favorite “Go Go ” stories from those of you who actually “lived it ” so we can pass it down to the next generation of fans like Bruno

--Elly Solomon






"I was at the Hendrix, Butterfield, Electric Flag, etc. jam session in 1968 that you mention below. I was a junior in high school and went to the Cafe au Gogo when I could afford to. Typically there were two sets a night and those with a little experience of the place usually tried to go to the second set, knowing that they often went overtime with extra music. That night we went to see Electric Flag, and we soon realized that Hendrix, Paul Butterfield and other luminaries were in the audience; so, when the set ended, nobody moved, including Hendrix et al. We sat there for what seemed like a long time when finally a bunch of guys came out and started setting up microphones. Then all the musicians came up on the stage and started to play straight out blues. It went on and on and finally, I think around three or four AM I left, mostly because I couldn't hear anymore. But they were still playing. What a night!"

--Jonathan Michaels