The Film

Seven years Underground –A 60’s tale

A documentary film

Our dad, Howard sadly passed away in 2004. His club archive of old 35 Millimeter film, reel to reel audio tapes, posters, handbills and press clippings from 1964 to 1969 have been sitting in boxes for half a century. Like kids digging for buried treasure, we began this personal journey of self discovery in December 2010 and our parents’ rich history began to unfold.

Our mom, Elly turned 70 years old this year and we felt it was time to finally tell her story of how the Legendary Greenwich village coffee house, the Café Au Go Go got started and how that small, dark cavernous, black hole of a night club managed to shape and influence an iconic part of 60’s Rock and Roll history.

--Jason,Candice, and Sheppard Solomon

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